“Unity in diversity” – these are not just words, but something that are highly applicable to a country like India that is incredibly rich in culture and heritage. A few quotations or statements cannot describe the pedestal that India holds on to the world map because of its Colourful and unique culture. From the times of Mauryas, Cholas and Mughals to the period of British Empire, India has always been famous for its unique arts and in the show “ POOMARAM 2019 “ happening this August – October across United states is a continuation of the Show happened in 2017 September named Poomaram 2017. Please see the links and social media feedbacks of the Poomaram 2017 happened in September October 2017 across United States. According to the 2010 United States Census, the Asian Indian population in the United States grew from almost 1,678,765 in 2000 (0.6% of U.S. population) to 2,843,391 in 2010 (0.9% of U.S. population), a growth rate of 69.37%, one of the fastest growing ethnic groups in the United States.The entire shows vision is to create a musical – extravaganza of dance, Skits and comedies in many forms, which harmonies and awakes the nostalgic experience for the audience. Poomaram 2019 is an Exclusive stage show, first time in America, Which will spread the extravagance from the soul of India to the Heart of America .

This show is tuned with Music, Dance, Skits, Comedies and Theatre arts. These sections are connected and performed as a 3 hour shows on major cities like Newyork, NewJersy, Philadelphia, Houston, SanAntonia,Dallas,Miami etc. The time of show are scheduled on a national famous clebratice month named “ ONAM SEASON “ and thats the most celebrating season of Indian art forms in globe. Onam is the biggest and national (state) festival of the Indian state of Kerala, the native land of the Malayalam language speaking community people. It’s an annual harvest festival. of Kerala. Carnival of Onam lasts for ten days and brings out the best of Kerala culture and tradition.